ILO Urges Investment in OHS to Fight Stress


ILO Urges Investment in OHS to Fight Stress


ILO Urges Investment in OHS to Fight Stress

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has urged employers to invest in OHS for ethical as well as economic reasons. As well as causing mental health issues in workers, stress has been found to factor in up to 60 per cent of lost working days.

The long-term effects of stress on worker health can also increase the risk of accidents occurring. Following over 30 worker suicides in France Telecom, some of whom blamed “unbearable work pressure”, international health and OHS organisations are urging employers to consider the economic benefits of taking a risk prevention approach, including to workers mental and physical health.

Factors contributing to workplace stress include information overload, pressure to meet deadlines, and being unable to disconnect when away from work due to the increase in mobile technology.

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