Safety Performance Survey 2012


Safety Performance Survey 2012


Safety Performance Survey 2012

Every year we facilitate a survey to benchmark safety performance, primarily in Australia and New Zealand, with our clients and readers of our newsletter.

Survey Timing for 2012 Survey

The 2012 survey is now open, and we will accept your responses until the end of July. The report with the latest benchmarks for safety performance, including both positive performance and lag (loss) indicators will be available by the end of August. Remember: Only those who participate in the survey receive a free copy of the report. –click here to participate.

Why do we do this?

Most organisations already have good data for their own business and increasingly industry associations are co-ordinating surveys for their members, but few organisations know how they rate against other industries or against “Australian & NZ” benchmarks. Some organisations suffer the “the big fish in the small pond” syndrome.

Our goal is to benchmark the most commonly used safety performance measures to help our clients and friends to better understand where they sit in the spectrum from “best to worst”, for each measure surveyed.

Five Year Safety Trend

Our 2011 survey found the main trends established for the previous 5 years has continued. The reported stable safety performance is contrary to many predictions about the effect of the global financial crisis (GFC) on workplace safety.

Other findings from our last survey include:

  • Lost time injury (LTI) rate average = 8.0 ( with best = 0 and worst = 155)
  • Medical treatment injury rate average = 21.9
  • Days lost per 100 employees per year = 24.5
  • Workers compensation premium costs per employee per year = $1,367
  • Number of safety personnel per 100 employees continues to grow. We wait with interest to see what this measure is this year.

What are Positive Performance Indicators?

Positive performance indicators measure the action taken to ensure safe operation. For example, have all required safety inspections been conducted and on-time?

The positive performance measures we are using this year are the same as in last year’s survey, largely for consistency and the fact that no participants or readers have offered different measures which are likely to be common enough for many organisations to also have collected the data.

The positive performance indicators we will use for the 2012 survey include:

  • Inspections conducted to schedule (%)
  • Hazards fixed < 60 days (%)
  • Safety climate positive responses (%)

Which Site is Safer?

Assume you have two sites and both have not had a lost time injury for the past few years. Does this mean they are equally safe? Answer, not necessarily. Even very unsafe sites can “fluke” injury free periods, some long periods of time. Remember the famous statement “we went 20 years without a serious accident”. So the absence of reported work injuries does not in itself confirm safe or compliant operations.

Positive performance indicators provide a more accurate window to current safety performance and likely future outcomes.


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