Tackling Australia’s Biggest Killer – Chronic Disease


Tackling Australia’s Biggest Killer – Chronic Disease


Recent literature from the World Health Organisation indicates that non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as cancers, heart disease, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease account for 63% of deaths worldwide. The Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing says that in 2007, 83% of all premature deaths (i.e.: deaths among people aged less than 75 years) were due to chronic disease. The more alarming fact here is that 64% of these were potentially avoidable and brought on by a combination of poor lifestyle choices and risky behaviours such as smoking, overuse of alcohol, inactivity and poor eating habits. Convert these percentages to actual numbers and the results are staggering.

Put the H in OH&S” is the first book written by Victorian risk and safety specialist, Tony Smith. Tony is a Fellow of the Safety Institute of Australia and friend of Safety Action. Cowritten with internationally renowned health and wellbeing authority and celebrity medico Dr John Tickell, the book provides an holistic approach to improved health and wellbeing, which translates into better business as well as improved personal health outcomes.

The book is not about the need to control the risk of contracting work-related diseases as that is a duty under health and safety legislation, but deals with the impact of non-work related diseases on the community (and the workplace) and seeks to do something about it.

Designed for safety practitioners and businesses, it helps to establish a business case, and demonstrates a return on investment for the implementation and maintenance of a workplace health promotion program to reduce the instances of non-communicable and chronic diseases. It also builds on the WorkSafe Victoria WorkHealth initiative and draws on the results of the first 400,000 free WorkHealth checks, which have been recognised as a world leading dataset.

The book details Dr Tickell’s simple and effective healthy living approach and puts it into a workplace context. It really is as simple as ABC (or ACE really), and it works. It’s about learning and living the three basic skills of Activity, Coping and Eating, but in a simple and fun way that is sustainable.

Tony states “that an added bonus is that by self-publishing and using ‘Print on Demand’ technology, we are able to control the size of our print runs and customise editions for larger clients. For example, if an organisation were to see the benefit of ordering a run of books (regardless of quantity) and providing them to staff and/or clients, we could include a personalised letter from the CEO bound into the book at no extra cost”.

The book retails for $20 (plus $5 postage and handling) and can be obtained directly from Tony at tony.smith.srs@gmail.com or calling 0419 880 473.

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