• Safety Action Holiday Closure

    Our office will close on Friday 20th December 2013 and re-open on Monday 20th January 2014 (urgent matters can be referred to our consultant’s mobile or email)

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  • Qld Amendments To WHS Regulations

    The Queensland Government has proposed a number of amendments to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) and the Work Health and Regulations.

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  • Worker Ate Lunch During Safety Alarm

    The Fair Work Commission recently found that a worker (Duncan) who ignored a safety alarm during his lunch break was unfairly dismissed, and ordered his reinstatement.

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  • Setback For Oral Drug Tests

    The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) has withdrawn accreditation for onsite drug testing by oral fluid.

    The decision by NATA follows an announcement earlier this year that it would withdraw accreditation for onsite initial drug testing of oral fluid under the Australian Standard 4760:2006 due to "significant technical issues".

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  • Workers Urged To Stay Safe As Christmas Draws Near

    WorkSafe CEO Denise Cosgrove says that with the holiday season upon us WorkSafe reminds us that recent statistics show this is the most dangerous time of year. They remind us to prioritise safety at work epically in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Remember as you think of the holidays ahead that it when you let the safety focus slip hazard will get past you.

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  • The Risk Thermostat

    When was the last time you took a holiday? Did you look at local activities in the area and planned some in to your schedule?

    How does a pleasant beach holiday sound? It comes with a high chance of burns, cuts and lacerations, and a low chance of; falls from heights, dismemberment, decapitation, electrocution or being eaten alive. Don’t forget you need ($10,000,000) public liability insurance in case you damage any property or injure anyone else.

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  • Safety Takes Courage

    Recently Katie and Stephen Weber from Safety Action attended the National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Chicago, USA, to find out what is happening on the international safety scene.

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  • Business Travel Putting Employers at Risk

    The Risk Management Institute of Australia (RMIA) recently reminded members in their regular newsletter that business travel, both local and international, poses a significant risk for many employers.

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  • Awkward Lift Costs $820,000

    A subcontractor who injured his back while conducting an awkward lift has been awarded more than $820,000 in damages.

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  • Qld Retain Journey Claims and Limit Common Law

    The Queensland Government has committed to retaining workers compensation coverage for journey claims and to limit common law claims by introducing a 5 percent “whole person” threshold.

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