New Standard – Fixed Platforms, Ladders, Walkways & Stairs


New Standard – Fixed Platforms, Ladders, Walkways & Stairs


Standards Australia has released a draft (but comment period has closed) for the important standard AS 1657 – Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders.

his standard is used extensively by safety professionals, designers and builders to help establish and maintain safe means of access and egress in and around the workplace and public spaces.

The key changes proposed by the draft standard include:

  • The inclusion of “single stile” ladders.
  • Access to roofs e.g. for the installation or maintenance of air-conditioning plants.
  • All requirements pertaining to a particular form of access are grouped together e.g. stairways and ladders.
  • The issue of slip resistance of walking surfaces has been highlighted and references included.
  • A wider range of testing of products has been introduced e.g. when the products are to be supplied as proprietary items.
  • References to the regulatory authority have been removed.
  • Statements expressed as “mandatory” are deemed to be requirements of this standard, not necessarily legislative requirements.

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