$375,000 Fine for Not Enforcing Pedestrian Zone


$375,000 Fine for Not Enforcing Pedestrian Zone


In another tragic accident, a Victorian business has been fined $375,000 for failing to enforce an exclusion zone around a truck being unloaded.

A computer server (weighing 635kg) was being lifted off the truck with a forklift and a worker directing the lift lunged forward to stabilise it when it shifted, but it fell and fatally crushed him.

The company had a policy requiring pedestrians to be at least 2m from operating forklifts, but there were no documented records to prove the worker had been told of the rule.

Local conditions may have also contributed including; forklift was on a slope, strong wind was blowing and internal components of server were imbalanced. The lesson, at least in part, is to ensure safety rules are conveyed to all affected workers (and records held), and only allow tasks to proceed in safe unloading areas and conditions.

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