Benchmarking Safety Performance


Benchmarking Safety Performance



Every year we conduct an annual survey of safety performance in order to help clients and friends who ask: how do we compare with the rest of the industry, and what is best practice? 

This year we want every reader to help - by ensuring your organisation participates in the 2013 safety performance benchmarking survey, which is being run this month. 

The survey is designed to allow you to compare your organisation’s safety performance with similar businesses, industry averages and to identify best practice performance.


Please complete the survey by 31st July 2013

Participant organisations receive a free copy of the benchmarking report. 

 The survey collects and benchmarks a number of common safety measures including: 

  • Number of lost-time injuries (LTIs);
  • Number of medical treatment injuries (MTIs);
  • Number of claims (total and serious);
  • Days lost;
  • Number of safety (and workers compensation) personnel;
  • Cost of insurance (per worker); plus
  • Some increasingly common positive performance measures.

The benchmarking of performance in safety is a collaborative effort and the more organisations willing to compare data, the more accurate the results become. 

Benefits typically derived from Safety Performance Benchmarking are: 

  • Help in assessing the effectiveness of your safety system.
  • Guidance for making improvements, based on the key areas where your performance is below average.
  • Aid with continuous learning, by identifying your strength and weaknesses.
  • Finding out where you stand – compare your perception with how things really are.

* Note: All information provided to Safety Action is kept confidential. Only you will know the details of your business performance within the benchmarking report. 

Positive Performance Measures 

As a result of aspiration by our clients to view safety in a proactive light, we have for a number of years included three positive performance lead indicators in our Benchmarking survey. 

The aim of any positive performance indicator is to identify deficiencies in the safety system before an incident occurs. This allows intervention, in order to prevent incidents. 

The lead indicators included in our benchmarking survey are: 

  • Safety inspections conducted to schedule (%)
  • Hazards fixed within 60 days (%)
  • Safety climate survey positive responses (%)

Not all organisations are able to provide data on these lead indicators initially, but each year more and more are doing so – and we encourage your organisation to do the same. We also encourage you to come up with your own positive performance indicators, and share them with us. Ideas are always welcome! 

What Can You Expect To See 

In 2012 organisations representing nearly 80,000 workers provided data for our Safety Performance Benchmarking, allowing us to benchmark safety performance for Australia and New Zealand organisations. Below is a snapshot of last year’s key indicators. 

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