Electronic audit tools, the new way forward?


Electronic audit tools, the new way forward?


One of the common ways of demonstrating compliance with the legal obligation to maintain a safe work place, is undertaking of regular workplace inspections and audits. For example, asbestos, machine guarding, racking and safety system reviews.

Audits often require significant administrative time after site review to prepare a report, and as a result there has been a move towards electronic based auditing tools, to increase the efficiency, speed and ease of conducting an inspection and production of a final report.

One of these electronic tools is an Apple Inc. application (App) called iAuditor. The iAuditor App was developed by the firm Safety Culture for iPads and allows for the custom design, generation, and editing of audits and inspections. The application has considerable freedom for the tailoring of questions, responses and evidence fields, and this allows a wide range of audits & inspection reports to be generated.


Case Study- Asbestos Inspections

What’s particularly exciting about this program is the efficiency it provides when conducting repetitive on-site audits. For example, performing an asbestos audit created by Safety Action using the iAuditor program, guides the user through a site inspection.

The user can insert evidence, allocate each area of the site as well as automatically insert into the audit report photographs taken by the iPad.

The program also allows the addition of further supporting documentation including sketches and images using the drawing tool.

Emailing Reports

Once the audit has been completed, it can easily be exported into a finalised report, in either Word or PDF format. The addition of a SIM card, or local internet access allows the emailing of the report to any desired recipients.

The format of the report is also editable.



Sharing Templates

Each inspection or audit template generated can be shared with other devices by either uploading to the Safety Culture cloud (a public sharing domain) or by sending the template to another compatable device.

The cloud server is an additional feature of the application with many user generated and Safety Culture templates freely available for use or modification.

iAuditor limitations

One of the key limitations of the iAuditor App is that it is ‘single device based’. That is; there is no central company server to which the data can be uploaded and analysed. Thus there is no automatic way to monitor which audits are conducted, and to check the raised actions are followed through, unless the data is transferred into a separate database designed to monitor implementation.

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