Earthmovers Exempted from WHS Regulation


Earthmovers Exempted from WHS Regulation


In Comcare news, individuals who manage or control workplaces where earthmoving machinery is utilised, have been advised that as of 16th April 2013 they are exempt from complying with Regulation 217 of the Commonwealth’s mirror WHS Regulations, for at least five years.

Regulation 217 states that such individuals must ensure earthmoving machinery isn't used unless it is securely fitted with a protective structure.

Comcare notes that duty holders must still comply with Regulations 214 (controlling the risks of powered mobile plant) and 215 (specific control measures).

The Work Health and Safety Exemption will end in five years "unless the expiration date is amended".

Meanwhile, Comcare has introduced a Pharmacy Pricing Policy, which outlines the maximum amounts that it will pay for medications for compensable conditions.

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