Safety Performance Survey 2013


Safety Performance Survey 2013


Each year we conduct a survey to collate key safety performance data, so that participants can easily see how they compare with industry and similar organisations.

year participants from a wide variety of industries, representing about 80,000 employees, participated in the survey. They included; private and government, manufacturing, health, water and electrical utilities, logistics, consulting, agricultural and not-for-profit organisations.

This year we want every reader of this newsletter to assist us to expand the survey, to achieve even more accurate benchmarks in as many industry sectors as possible.

All information is kept strictly confidential and no individual organisation is identified in the report. Every competent organisation will already have the key data at their fingertips, which include:

  • Number of LTIs
  • No. MTIs
  • No. days lost
  • No. claims
  • Workers compensation premium
  • No. safety & workers compensation personnel

Plus, many organisations have positive performance indicators for:

  • Percentage of inspections completed on time (if data available)
  • Percentage hazards fixed in less 60 days (if data available)
  • Percentage positive responses to safety climate survey (if data available)

This data will be collated by us to create benchmarks for you to use.

The survey form is simple and only requires a couple of minutes to complete, so there is no excuse for not participating.

The survey will be conducted in July for a recent 12 months period, so start collecting your data now for last calendar year (2012) or for the last financial year (2012/13).

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