Business Travel Putting Employers at Risk


Business Travel Putting Employers at Risk


The Risk Management Institute of Australia (RMIA) recently reminded members in their regular newsletter that business travel, both local and international, poses a significant risk for many employers.

International SOS, an emergency response service provider for travellers, advise that many activities considered safe at home may not be appropriate in some countries or regions. For example, jogging in some areas may be particularly dangerous, or relaxing day spas may pose hygiene or health risks in some places.

The key travel tips from SOS include:

  • Be prepared
  • Have clear travel instructions and contact details
  • Follow company transport policy
  • Seek local risks for areas of concern
  • Ensure all travelling staff are informed of company procedures and precautions
  • Understand the local customs and laws
  • Ensure staff are fit and healthy for intended trip and have the necessary medical / vaccinations.

An SOS survey on travel safety found nearly 10 percent of companies had no formal procedures for travel safety.

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