Critical Safety Rules


Critical Safety Rules


Critical Safety Rules

A labour service company, Programmed, recently reported at its annual general meeting that they had reduced their injury rate, in part by having workers follow their “13 life-saving rules”.

Many leading organisations have “Golden” or “Cardinal” rules to emphasise their most important safety risks and precautions.

Programme’s “13 life-saving rules” include:

  • Always use fall prevention techniques
  • Ensure contractors uphold the same safety standards
  • Only work with asbestos if approved
  • Understand emergency procedures
  • Talk about safety and zero harm at work and home
  • Check vehicles are safe and drive defensively
  • Conduct a risk assessment for every job
  • Only use correct tools and inspect them before use
  • Isolate all sources of energy before starting work on equipment
  • Maintain good housekeeping standards at all times
  • Assess loads before manual lifting and use mechanical aids or assistance where possible
  • Participate in toolbox talks, pre-start and safety committee meetings
  • Only operate equipment trained for, and speak up if asked to do work not competent to do.

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