• Safety Applications (APPS)

    With ever increasing technological aids being developed to assist in the implementation of safety roles and responsibilities, as well as providing an incredible amount of information at our finger tips, Safety Action undertook an investigation into one branch of these tools and trialled a number of Safety Applications for the Apple iPad device.

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  • Do Safety Glasses Cause Eye Problems?

    The question has been raised about the health and safety implications of wearing safety glasses for long periods of time. The main concern appears to be about the health of the eyes when required to look through “plastic” lenses for long periods of time.

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  • Can You Insure Against WHS Penalties?

    A recent court case raised the issue - Can you insure against workplace safety penalties?

    The South Australian case related to a serious accident that occurred in July 2010, and therefore the charges were laid under the now repealed Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act 1986 (SA).


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  • Working from Home Safely

    Increasingly, people are working from home or from client or partner premises or other locations. This article explores the safety risks and suggested controls.

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  • Cyber Safety

    Computer criminals look like everyone else. There could even be a cyber criminal in your business. There will certainly be many cyber victims. In the early days cyber criminals used spam. Our IT specialists quickly put in place spam filters to minimise this potentially harmful, but largely annoying phenomenon.

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