Safety Applications (APPS)


Safety Applications (APPS)


With ever increasing technological aids being developed to assist in the implementation of safety roles and responsibilities, as well as providing an incredible amount of information at our finger tips, Safety Action undertook an investigation into one branch of these tools and trialled a number of Safety Applications for the Apple iPad device. Below is a summary of the Apps we found that were the most interesting with the greatest potential to be of use to our clients, however there were a large number of different apps presented at our last breakfast on the roof and if you would like any further information on these or other applications reviewed and their potential use to your business please let us know:

Lone Worker
This application produced by iota from South East Water, provides a support system for those companies whose workers are required to work alone. The application sends a text message and an email alert to the contacts it triggered. The first mode is motion detection, which will send the alert if no movement has been detected for a period of time, and the second mode is a timer function which sends an alert if a routine alarm is not answered by the worker. It is limited in that it requires internet and/or phone reception in order to send the alerts which may restrict its use in some workplaces.

Job Safety Analysis
An application from Safety Culture, which allows you to create JSAs for tasks at multiple worksites, including assigning control measures and worker specific tasks. The program has great potential in easing the burden of documentation and increasing uniformity in work practices across a business.

First Aid
Is an American first aid application with provides a simple and easy to understand step by step guide of First Aid procedures, including videos of key first aid techniques and additional emergency information such as disaster preparedness guides. This app was found to be extremely useful and very clearly presented, it would provide an excellent on-site resource for trained first aiders within a business.

Provides access to manufacturers SDSs in simple format, and links with existing ChemAlert accounts. Currently it’s unclear about the renewal dates for the SDSs on the application, however if they are regularly renewed, this application would classify as providing access to SDSs for legislative purposes


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