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Online Systems


“Electronic induction and contractor management”

There has been a substantial shift in recent years to the use of electronic systems to; induct workers, select contractor firms and maintain records.

Large organisations in particular find it hard to deal with the volume of contractors and visiting workers efficiently without some form of online safety induction prior to their arrival on site.

Most companies have a “preferred or approved” contractors list, but many lack evidence of fulfilling their due diligence in relation to vetting of contractor firms for their safety capability and performance. For example, has the contractor firm had any notices issued against it, or been prosecuted, or been declared bankrupt?

Similarly, after each project (or at least annually) contractor firms should be vetted to confirm that they can remain on a company’s “approved list”. For example, were they difficult to work with, or tardy in getting safety issues or faults resolved?

Online Systems Forum

Safety Action is facilitating a forum in Melbourne on Monday 26th May, with a number of senior safety managers from some of Australia’s leading companies in order to the advance knowledge and performance in this area.

The forum is designed to explore how to implement an online system the core components of which are:

  • Efficient;
  • Cost effective;
  • Readily accessible;
  • Quick;
  • Able to automatically track variables & generate reports.

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