Safety Performance Survey 2014


Safety Performance Survey 2014


Our annual survey will be conducted as usual in July. Arising from Safety Action’s safety benchmarking forum (November. 2013), where a number of additional safety measures were suggested to be included in our annual benchmarking report: 

  • Total recordables;
  • Number of near misses reported; 
  • % of actions completed on time; 
  • Number of serious injuries notified to relevant authority; 
  • Number of first aid injuries; 
  • Number of days on restricted duties; 
  • % of attendance at safety meetings; 
  • % of safe working days. 

Of the suggested measures the following three have been selected to be included in our 2014 benchmarking survey: 

  • Total recordables; 
  • % of safe working days, and 
  • Number of serious injuries notified to relevant authority. 

This year we want every reader to participate to help us provide better trends and more valuable benchmarking data, the survey only needs: 

  • Number of employees – approximate effective full time (EFT); 
  • Number of LTIs; 
  • Number of MTIs; 
  • Number of safety & workers compensation staff (EFT); 
  • Days lost due to work injury / illness; 
  • Number of claims; 
  • Number of serious injuries notified to relevant authority; 
  • Workers compensation premium (only), not on-costs or staff costs; plus 
  • Any positive performance indicators you use e.g. inspections completed to schedule, hazards fixed < 60 days or safety climate (% positive). 

If you don’t have this data at your fingertips you should start getting it together now. 

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