Changes to VIC OHS regs


Changes to VIC OHS regs


In last month’s newsletter we mentioned the recent amendments to the Victorian OHS Regulations. Over the last month we have had several enquiries relating to these changes and share some of the questions and responses with you here.

What items of plant do I need to register with VWA?

You no longer need to register items of plant such as; boilers, pressure vessels, self-erecting tower cranes, lifts, building maintenance units, amusement structures, concrete placing units (truck mounted with boom), mobile cranes. You also do not need to renew registrations every five years, like you did previously.

If you manufacture or import certain types of plant and machinery you need to register the designs with VWA. Some items of plant for which designs need to be registered include: chairlifts (new requirement), concrete placing units- truck mounted with boom (new requirement), Pressure vessels and boilers, tower cranes, lifts, escalators, boom-type elevating work platforms, amusement structures (except non-powered amusement structures).

If you alter the design of plant or machinery to the point that new control measures are necessary, the new design must be registered with the VWA.

Employers must still ensure maintenance and inspections are carried out on plant, and keep records of these inspections and maintenance.

Does an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) need to be dated within 5 years?

Yes. Suppliers of chemicals (hazardous substances) must review and update the MSDS at least every five years and provide a copy of the updated MSDS when requested or supplying for the first time. To ensure your employees have access to the most current version of the MSDS, we recommend that you check with your suppliers if your copy of the MSDS is older than 5 years old, and request an updated version.

What’s an SDS?

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is the same as an MSDS. It is a document which provides health and safety information about a hazardous chemical (hazardous substance or dangerous good) including: the identity of the chemical, health and physical hazards, safe handling and storage procedures, emergency procedures and disposal considerations. The term SDS is now commonly used in Australia. SDS is also now the term used internationally instead of MSDS. In Victoria, you may have either an SDS or MSDS for your chemicals.

Do I need a High Risk Work licence to maintain plant such as forklifts?

  • You do not need a licence to work with plant to test, install, commission, maintain or prepare the plant.
  • You do need a high risk work licence if you work with scaffolding, dogging or rigging for maintenance.
  • You do need a licence to drive or operate the plant e.g. to load on or off a transportation vehicle.


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