• December Breakfast Briefing

    This session will include a light-hearted look at some of the silly mistakes made in our safety careers. Bring along your short story to share with fellow friends in a relaxed, safe environment. It might help us all enjoy a better Christmas break, after hearing what others have been doing in safety, which did not work, and may win a prize!

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  • 188 Australian Fatalities Caused by Poorly Designed Machinery

    Safe Work Australia recently published a new report on workrelated fatalities. The report indicates that 188 fatalities could have been avoided between 2006 and 2011 if risks associated with machinery, vehicles, plant and powered tools had been eliminated through safer design.

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  • Has Safety Performance Slipped in Australia?

    The analysis of our annual safety performance survey has been completed and the results are finally in, so we now know the answer to this important question.

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  • Could an E-Stop Have Saved These Cleaners?

    In two recent cases in NSW, companies were fined $75,000 and $150,000 respectively after cleaners were caught in the nip points of conveyors and injured. In the first case it was found that the conveyor was inadequately guarded, due to a poor risk identification process and also because it lacked an Emergency stop (E-stop).

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  • When is a SWMS Not a SWMS?

    We hear about safe work method statements (SWMS) often these days, and many people wonder where this terminology came from, as the term didn’t seem to exist 10 years ago. Traditionally, good practice has required a (safe) work procedure for all routine tasks, and a job safety analysis (JSA) for ad-hoc tasks e.g. maintenance and repairs.

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