Construction Signage - Best Practice


Construction Signage - Best Practice


In our recent travels we were pleased to see a good example of construction site signage.

The Construction Work Code of Practice for construction outlines the requirements for signage which includes:

  • The principal contractor’s name and telephone number (business and out of hours);
  • The location of the site office, if applicable; and
  • Be clearly visible from outside the work area.

The good signage we spotted also included:

  • Site rules;
  • Emergency contact numbers;
  • Special hazards, e.g. overhead powerlines;
  • Entry by authorised personnel only;
  • A housekeeping reminder for workers; and
  • Prohibiting unauthorised alterations to the scaffolding.

By providing this additional information, a principal contractor can ensure all persons visiting the site are made aware of key hazards and rules on entering, even if they have not yet completed an induction.

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