Pool Bites Owner


Pool Bites Owner


Recently a man was injured when his pool chemicals exploded during the mixing process.

He was incorrectly adding water to the chemicals, instead of chemicals to the water, but he is not the first person injured this year from using pool chemicals (chlorine, acids or stabilisation agents). Each chemical has its own dangers, but when mixed together or with water they can react and generate heat, explode or produce toxic fumes.

It is important when handling any chemical to be aware of the risks and precautions. Keep yourself and family safe from the dangers of pool chemicals for the remainder of summer:

  • Always read the label of any chemical prior to use.
  • Wear safety glasses, gloves and long sleeves.
  • Add the chemical to water and NOT water to the chemical, as this leads to the fast production of heat and can cause an explosion.
  • If you come into contact with a pool chemical, rinse with fresh water and check the label for first aid instructions.
  • Do not mix your pool chemicals with each other, as toxic fumes may be emitted.
  • Keep chemicals locked up in a clean, dry area separate to other chemicals or materials. Store them away from heat and moisture.

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