New Long Distance Truck Driver Rules


New Long Distance Truck Driver Rules


From 1st May 2014 new rules* comes into effect for long distance road transporters. Long distance is defined as trips exceeding 500km.
* per Road Safety Remuneration Act 2012 - Remuneration Tribunal Order 2014
The key requirements include:

  • Adverse Conduct Protection – to protect drivers from unreasonable pressure.
  • Written Contracts – employers or hirer must provide drivers with a written employment contract prior to commencing work, and specifies the matters to be included in the contract.
  • Safe Driving Plans – Employer must prepare written safe driving plans for long distance transport vehicles greater than 4.5 tonnes.
  • Plans to include:
    • Copy to be given to drivers;
    • State employer/hirer and participants in the supply chain;
    • State all pickup and delivery locations;
    • Vehicle registration, make & model of vehicles to be used;
    • Fatigue management system to be used;
    • Drivers to declare pre-departure; current driver’s licence for class of vehicle, fit to drive, received training, vehicle inspected and any defects rectified;
    • Anticipated timeframes and distances for each leg and breaks;
    • Potential risks e.g. fatigue, vehicle fitness, speed, communication, animals, vegetation, weather, visibility and means to control the risks;
    • How to report of any problems e.g. compliance with plan or rules;
    • Ability for driver to take additional breaks if needed, and advise employer;
    • Driver to sign declaration on completion of the trip that the safe driving plan is true & correct;
    • Driver to return completed and signed safe driving plan to employer within 48 hours, or as soon as possible;
    • Provide for driver to record, where practical witnessed signature from participant in supply chain, time of departure for each pickup and delivery;
    • Driver to record actual distances (per odometer readings) and times for each leg, unless electronic system used;
    • Participants in supply chain to witness compliance with the plan;
    • Employer to monitor returned safety driving plans to ensure compliance
  • Drugs & Alcohol Policy – Employer to have a written drug & alcohol policy, and ensure all drivers are trained in the policy, per specified requirements including repercussions of any breach of the policy.


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