• 2014 Benchmarking Safety Performance

    Every year we conduct an annual survey of safety performance in order to help clients and friends who ask: how do we compare with the rest of the industry, and what is best practice?

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  • Online Induction & Contractor Management Forum

    Safety Action would like to extend a warm thank-you to the attendees at our recent Online Systems Forum. A special thank you to our speakers for helping to make the forum a success, Richard Dovison – Landmark, Andrew Douglas – M+K Lawyers, Ross Gibson – Target, Saffron Newton – ALDI and Damien Kook - Yarra Trams.

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  • Vic Regulations Amended

    The Victorian government has made amendments to the OHS Regulations, which take effect from 1 st July 2014.

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  • Personal Safety v’s Process Safety

    The main contention offered by Mark Griffon, US Chemical Safety Board, and Sydney Dekker, Professor at Griffith University, at the Risk Engineering conference in Brisbane was that many organisations have over-focussed on personal safety in recent times at the expense of process safety. At first glance this position appears to favour safety of the plant as opposed to people, but this is not the case, and not intended by the speakers.

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  • Coffee Cup Safety

    The trend in the workplace safety where safety committees, and others, focus on minor risks at the expense of more serious risks, albeit less likely to occur, has been termed “coffee cup safety”. Possibly because of the rules in some organisations mandating tops on all coffee cups.

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