WHS regulations amendments


WHS regulations amendments


In January 2014 a total of 63 amendments have been made to WHS Regulations.

The key changes include;

  • Clarification on various definitions including; what is an amusement device, combustible dust, combustible liquid, what is a hazardous area
  • Clarity that moving plant to load or unload it does NOT require a high risk work licence, Reg 82(3)
  • Diving – Reg 161(4a ii) adds ‘to rescue and resuscitate the worker’
  • Both AS/NZS 4005.2 and AS/NZS 2815 are now referenced in Reg 171(a ii)
  • Reg 235(3) allows no need for re-inspection when moving equipment interstate if the initial major inspection meet WHS requirements
  • Reg 244(3) when re-locating a crane the re-registration is not required for changes to foundations and ties.
  • Reg 421 criteria clarifies there is no need to hold an asbestos register and management plan in residential premises used for residential purposes
  • Schedule 3 – edited to clarify that holding a higher ranked licence class does automatically cover a lower licence class e.g. a person holding a slewing mobile crane licence can also operate a non-slewing crane, a vehicle loading crane (excluding dogging work) and a reach stacker
  • Registration of pressure equipment is not required if it falls outside the scope of AS1200:2000 pressure equipment hazard levels (except gas cylinders that are dealt with elsewhere)

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