$80,000 Fine for No Loading Zone


$80,000 Fine for No Loading Zone


A South Australian company which failed to ensure delivery drivers stood in safety zones while their vehicles were unloaded has been prosecuted and fined after a driver was crushed by a 1.7 tonne slitting machine that slid off the forklift tines as it was unloaded from his truck.

Whilst the driver was lucky to survive the accident, he sustained serious injuries including; punctured lungs, leg fractures, liver damage, a hernia and post-traumatic stress.

It is clear from this case that the driver would have been safe if a safety zone had been established and the rule enforced e.g. forklift driver stops whenever any person approaches within 3 metres, or if the driver cannot be seen in the safety zone.

Lesson – Ensure driver safety zones are in place for all truck loading or unloading areas, even if only designated with traffic cones for temporary work areas.

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