• Machine Upgrading Tips

    A recent review of machinery safety with a large multi-national company, who has rolled out a “zero access” program world-wide has found:

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  • “Overtime” Incident?

    Full teams of experts are called in to investigate the circumstances which lead up to disasters, and increasingly they identify fatigue as a contributory factor. However, when we look at safety performance reporting within those same organisations we see little or no reference to fatigue incidents.

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  • Too Hot To Touch?

    We are occasionally asked “what is a safe temperature for contact with hot items in the workplace?”

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  • October is Safety Month!

    Safe Work Australia Month (safety month) is held around Australia every year in October. Safety month encourages people to get involved in and focus on safety in their workplace to reduce death, injury and disease. This year’s Safety Month theme is “Work Safe, Home Safe.” Here are some ideas on how to promote health and safety in your workplace this October.

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  • Reward strategic decision making

    The traditional basis for promotions, bonuses and other rewards has been exceeding short-term budget goals, without regard for positioning the organisation to cope with future risks or challenges.

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  • Strategic resource allocation

    Many organisations allocate resources (and funding) according to past protocol or possibly treat all requests equally which meet a particular performance criteria e.g. return on investment.

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  • Strategic Non-Planning

    If someone were to ask “are you a good strategic planner”, how would you respond?

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