Machine Upgrading Tips


Machine Upgrading Tips


A recent review of machinery safety with a large multi-national company, who has rolled out a “zero access” program world-wide has found:

  • Some upgrades lacked adequate consultation with the machine operators, necessitating time consuming and sometimes costly changes.
  • Mocking up proposed guards in cardboard first was cheaper and very helpful to demonstrate to operators, and to confirm workability of the upgrades.
  • Even high quality (CE marked) equipment needs a full risk assessment and numerous changes to comply with Australian requirements.
  • Maintenance and engineering staff are the most likely to be injured on machinery once “zero access” guarding has been provided, through interventions with inadequate isolation e.g. lock-out tag-out (LOTO).
  • Maintenance and engineering staff require refresher training (e.g. annually) to maintain the “zero access” and LOTO standards.

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