Top Safety Issues 2015


Top Safety Issues 2015


According to Safe Work Australia, 2015 has been a good year for workplace safety in Australia. Work related deaths continue to decline. But too many workers still have been killed or injured.

We need to learn from these incidents and plan for an even safer 2016.


Graph from Safe Work Australia (year to date, as at 12 November 2015)

The key findings from Safe Work Australia’s recent report entitled ‘Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatalities Australia 2014’ is summarised in an “infographic” on the following page.

What Are The Big Fatality Risks?

  • Vehicles are the biggest killer in 2014 and previous years. 
  • Being hit by moving vehicles was the second leading cause of death for workers and bystanders. 
  • Falls were also a main fatality cause. 
  • 10 times more male workers die at work than females.


Summary of Worker Fatality Statistics

Have You Controlled Your Fatality Risks?

Vehicles are a big concern, even for typically low risk businesses.

Check that you have:

   -   Traffic management plan. Vehicles are separated from pedestrians.
   -   Safe vehicles. Vehicle maintenance is a common issue.
   -   Safe restraint of loads.
   -   Safe drivers. Including fatigue, drugs & alcohol.
   -   Check that your Dangerous Goods (DG) vehicle is safe: Worksafe with Vicroads and Victoria Police will
       be doing roadside DG vehicle checks and issuing penalty notices, if required. They will be checking
       roadworthiness of vehicles, correctly restrained goods, DG licences, vehicle placarding and DG
   -   Quad bikes. Call 03 9690 6311 or email us for an example SWMS.
   -   Some useful road safety resources:
   -   See our Drive to Stay Alive website.
   -   Towards Zero
   -   How safe is your car

Other Issues In 2015

   -   Mental health/ stress
   -   Plant: Machine guarding is commonly poor. Injuries to maintenance personnel most common e.g. failing
       to LOTO. Failure to replace guards after cleaning or maintenance is also a problem.

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