Safety Performance Survey 2015


Safety Performance Survey 2015


Our annual safety performance survey is coming up, at the end June, and we want every reader to get your business to participate this year. This helps to make our report as accurate and useful as possible.

Simple Data Needs

The information required is simple and every competent organisation will have this data, or most of it, readily available. If not, you should start collecting it now.


All information is treated as confidential and no data is disclosed that would identify an organisation (unless desired). Our purpose is solely to provide industry averages and trends so you can benchmark your business against similar operations, or good practice if desired.

Data Required 

The key information we require includes: 

  • Number of employees (effective full time e.g. two half time = 1 EFT); 
  • Number first aid injuries (if known); 
  • Number of medical treatment injuries (MTIs); 
  • Number of lost time injuries (LTIs); 
  • Number of workplace safety specialists (EFT); 
  • Positive performance measures (that you may use); 
  • Workers compensation costs (premium only); 

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