Safety Pay Dropping


Safety Pay Dropping


Increasingly, even smaller businesses are employing safety co-ordinators to help manage safe operation and OHS compliance obligations.

Whilst demand for safety professionals is increasing, recruitment firms advise that salaries are dropping, particularly for senior strategic safety positions.

The decline in mining and oil and gas ventures in recent years has taken the edge off the non-stainable upward spiralling salaries in those industry sectors, and many of the highly skilled and experienced mining specialists are now prepared to accept lower salaries in return for more stable jobs in the cities.

Our annual safety survey supports the theory that the rapidly rising safety salaries in recent years was not sustainable, as safety performance in Australia has remained relatively stable over the last 5 to 7 years e.g. LTI rate average 7.5. This suggests employers were not getting improved safety performance from the higher investment in safety personnel.

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