Building Code Requires Drug & Alcohol Testing


Building Code Requires Drug & Alcohol Testing


On 18th September amendments to the Building Code now require construction sites to have a fitness for work policy that includes drug and alcohol testing.

Contractors who are subject to this requirement will have a 28day period to put a compliant policy in place. Meaning from 17th October companies that meet the test of “building work” will have to have this new fitness for work policy that addresses include;

  • How persons on site will be required to comply with the policy e.g. through contract or enforceable means 
  • Procedure for testing and the method of testing to detect the presence of drugs and alcohol. Including frequency of testing (at least once per month) and how many must be tested 
  • Test for the following substances; alcohol, opiates, THC, Cocaine, Benzodiazapines, Amphetamine, and Methamphetamine
  • A positive test will be deemed not fit for work and how a person testing positive will be prevented from performing work, and how they will be managed e.g. counselling and disciplinary process.

Fair Work Building and Construction will be auditing contractors to ensure companies policies align with this new code requirement. It also requires that contractors so not pass the implementation and cost of drug and alcohol testing onto subcontractors.

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