New Safety Standard ISO 45001


New Safety Standard ISO 45001


The international organisation for standards (ISO) is developing a new occupational health and safety management system standard (ISO 45001).

An ISO 45001 based OH&S management system will help businesses to improve their OH&S performance by:

  • Developing and implementing an OH&S policy and OH&S objectives;
  • Establishing systematic processes which consider the “context” taking into account its risks, legal
    obligations and other requirements of the business;
  • Determining the hazards and OH&S risks associated with their activities; seeking to eliminate them, or
    putting in controls to minimize their potential effects;
  • Establishing operational controls to manage their OH&S risks and the legal and other requirements;
  • Increasing awareness of their OH&S risks;
  • Evaluating their OH&S performance and seeking to improve it, an
  • Ensuring workers take an active role in OH&S matters. 

David Smith, chair of the ISO committee developing the standard, says the new standard will direct organisations to “look beyond immediate health and safety issues” and to take into consideration “how their work might affect their neighbours in the surrounding area” and “what the wider society expects of it”, for example businesses are required to think about their contractors and suppliers as well as.

The standard is currently going through its second committee stage with expected finalisation in October 2016. For more information you can go to the website

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