October is Safety Month


October is Safety Month


Safe Work Australia Month “Safety Month” is upon us. This year’s theme is
“Be Safe. Be healthy. Because…”

This year’s theme encourages companies to work with their staff to find out what encourages them to be safe and improve their health.

Encourage people to get involved with safety in the workplace, and learn how to reduce death, illness and injury at work.

Safe Work Australia has a number of activities you can download, view and get involved in with your staff to promote safety this month, including a reward for the organisation with the most creative and sustainable initiative this month. Find them here.

You can also download Safe Work Australia’s free Safety Month app, just search for “Safety Month” in Apple store or Google Play. If you downloaded this app in 2014 you will not have to download again, only update the app.

Can a one month focus really help?

It’s easy to be sceptical about a one month focus on safety as a ‘Band-Aid’ solution to a company’s long term poor safety culture. But a one month focus can be a great stepping stone to starting bigger things, just be prepared to sustain the commitment past this one month. Change will not happen straight away and will not happen with just one month. Commitment needs to be persistently on-going.

Common pit-falls with Safety Month:

- Focusing only on one month – don’t just have one month a year where your organisation is seen to care about safety, promote activities that will be sustainable beyond just a one month focus.

- Too much talk – it’s easy to provide your staff with information on safety, but getting them involved will give you better results, to do this think of activities that encourages your staff, and   what matters to them. See some ideas below.

- Not sure where to start – Come up with a theme that matters to your workplace, or if you’re unsure stick to the Safe Work Australia’s “be safe, be healthy, because…” theme and use this  month to work with your staff to ‘flesh out’ why they want to work safe and healthy. And what you as a business can do to help them reach their personal safety and health goals.

- Too many things – Don’t start all your safety goals in one month, you will overload your staff and wear yourself out. Set one realistic objective with a few key messages that support an overall theme.

Some activity ideas

  1. 1.  Host tool box talks on a topic of interest to your staff. Some samples Safety Action can share with you:
    • Safety of Stimulant Drinks 
    • Site Safety Induction Requirements
    • Hazardous Chemicals 
    • Housekeeping 5S 
    • Managing Fatigue when Driving
    • Working Alone
  2. To get a copy of our samples please email enquiries@safetyaction.com.au

  3. 2.  Housekeeping – not only is it safety month, but a great time of year for a spring clean. Get your staff involved in organising your workplace with 5S and clean out those dusty areas like the tops of machines and behind those cabinets.

    Have a one day stop work to turn everything off, host a BBQ and clean everything, and put things where they belong. Then you just have to maintain this established level of clean and organised.

  4. 3.  Health and Wellbeing
    • Provide fruit hampers in the lunch room;
    • Provide healthy options in your canteen at a subsided price to make them more appealing;
    • Host a step (pedometer) competition;
    • Hold group stretching, boot-camp, or yoga classes with your staff to start the day;
    • Invite a nutritionist to talk with your staff about healthy eating, and to provide one-on-one guidance to improve their health;
    • Organise staff health checks; medical, fitness, eye or skin;
    • Talk about work-life balance and stress reduction.

  5. 4.  Attend Safety Events & Download Posters
    Take your safety team and key safety leaders e.g. team leaders to the various free events held throughout October or view the virtual seminars 2015 Virtual Seminar Series. Download free posters and support material as well as find your local events by following the links below to your state/territorie’s Safety Month resources.

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