Union Faces $51,000 Fine for Defying Long-Sleeve Safety Policy


Union Faces $51,000 Fine for Defying Long-Sleeve Safety Policy


Fair Work Building and Construction today announced that it had launched Federal Court proceedings against a union organiser as well as the CFMEU and the union's NSW branch for allegedly breaching sections 340 and 343 of the Fair Work Act 2009.

The organisations face fines of up to $51,000 each. A CFMEU official could also be fined $10,000, after allegedly encouraging workers to defy an employer's safety policy by wearing shorts and walking off the job.

It is alleged that the union official told workers that while Two Longs was aimed at providing them with UV protection, they should be able to choose whether to comply with the policy.

He allegedly encouraged them to "make a stand" against the policy.

The next day, a number of workers attended the site in short sleeves and shorts, and the project manager told one of them to leave the site and not return until he complied with Two Longs.

Then about 50 workers downed tools and left the site, and didn't return for several days.

A directions hearing date is yet to be scheduled.

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