Fine for Using a Safety Sign


Fine for Using a Safety Sign


A company has been fined* nearly $60,000 for replacing a machine guard with a warning sign, even though the injured worker participated in the review and change in controls.

* Soulio v Aston Newman Timbers Pty Ltd (2016) SAIRC 4 (2 March 2016)

The plant safety regulations in each jurisdiction clearly state the controls must, as far as reasonably practicable, prevent access to the hazard.

At Safety Action we often remind our clients and friends that;

“Safety signs, trip wires and emergency stops do not replace proper guarding to prevent physical access to machine hazards”

Every business with plant and machinery should periodically conduct a “zero access” assessment to ensure safety and compliance. Contact our team to find out how we can assist, T: 03 9690 6311.

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