PPE Fit-Test Shock


PPE Fit-Test Shock


When Safety Action received our new 3M hearing protection Fit-Testing equipment recently we tested our CEO, Gary Rowe.

Gary was shocked to find he got zero (0) level of protection from a randomly selected pair of ear plugs he thought he had fitted correctly.

After each re-fitting of the ear plugs Gary got a small improvement in hearing protection, but still not anywhere near the capability of the hearing protector rating.

We also noticed a significant difference in protection between Gary’s left and right ears.

Gary only obtained a satisfactory level of hearing protection when he changed the type of ear plugs he was using.

This simple example may be an extreme case, but it did surprise us here at Safety Action.

It demonstrates that many people need coaching on proper fitting of PPE, and some people need different types of PPE to get the required level of protection.

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