Sadness unrelated to injury


Sadness unrelated to injury


A worker who was retrenched, shortly after returning to work from a back injury has not been compensated for a psych injury. Commissioner Glenys Fisher found there was no evidence the worker’s back injury triggered his stressors.

The worker suffered a back injury in 2011, which was aggravated 2 months later. Following further treatment he returned to work in late 2012, and was retrenched soon after. In 2015 he lodged a claim for a secondary psychological injury caused by his 2011 and 2012 back injuries.

Mixed diagnosis between his psychiatrist who diagnosed “major depressive episode” from the injury, his GP who believed he suffered sadness from losing his job rather than “depressive illness”, and other psychiatrists found little evidence pointing to a psychiatric condition.

With uncertain evidence the commissioned noted that even if she was wrong about him sustaining a psychological injury she was “not satisfied…that any such injury arose out of his employment or that employment was a significant contributing factor to it”

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