Careless Forklift Driver Fined $11,000


Careless Forklift Driver Fined $11,000


A forklift driver who struck another forklift operator with a sharp hay baling forklift attachment, which pierced his abdomen causing fatal injuries, has been prosecuted and fined $11,000 plus costs of approximately $2,000 in the Perth Magistrates Court.

The forklift driver was charged with failing to take reasonable care for the safety of another person, and that failure caused the person’s death.

The specific grounds for negligence were cited as “leaving the sharp protruding hay baling attachment at about 1.6m above the ground, which also partially obscured the driver’s forward vision, while moving forward in proximity to other operators”.

We recommend all plant operators receive at least annual re-fresher training including the important safety rules, such as not parking or travelling with raised forklift tines.

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