Rusted steel rack death


Rusted steel rack death


Rusted steel rack death

A contracting company, Broadspectrum Australia, was recently fined $240,000 and ordered to pay SafeWork NSW’s prosecution costs of $51,000. A corroded steel storage rack collapsed at a Sydney worksite, killing a worker.

It is understood that the worker was retrieving a steel pipe from the storage rack when it collapsed and he was found on the ground with a head injury. Judge William Kearns said it was clear the storage rack could collapse because it was rusty and in a highly corrosive atmo-sphere.

The company did not have a specific inspection or monitoring program for the racking. “Prior to the collapse, no steps had been taken to address the corroded condition of the rack,” he said. “The foreseeable conse-quences of the rack collapsing included serious, even fatal, injury.”

This case is an important reminder for businesses to conduct regular safety inspections of all steel racking, in addi-tion to annual inspections by the manufacturer or independent specialist.

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