Digital Age & Stone Age brains


Digital Age & Stone Age brains


Nigel Latta, a clinical psychologist, reminds us* that for most of human history there has been no health and safety programs.

 No one wore high visibility vests or hard hats to go hunting mammoths, and there was no safety briefing, first aid kits or formal training.

 Latta explains that brains are always looking to save energy and therefore don’t think about things that appear simple or safe, but most safety programs expect everyone to pay attention to everything all the time. This is contrary to how our brains are wired.

 The moment you start talking about theory or issues not relevant to people’s immediate needs their mind will turn off.

 We need to engage people by focusing on the things that are meaningful for them and needed now for their current task.

 Nigel suggests building a culture where everyone genuinely looks out for each other and are prepared to stop activity if things go wrong or don’t appear to be OK.


* SIA web news 26 June 2018

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