Lack of reward makes work stressful


Lack of reward makes work stressful


Lack of reward makes work stressful

Chronic stress is bad for your health. It can lead to health problems such as infections, diabetes and various mental health issues.

Researchers in the Netherlands studied workers’ cortisol levels (the hormone released in times of stress), to investigate workplace conditions associate with harmful stress levels.

It is not surprising that increased stress was common in those that work long hours and have high workloads but not in those working normal hours. Interestingly, the biggest determining factor for stress in those people was ‘effort versus reward.’ “What’s dangerous is if you don’t get compensated” says Leander van der Meij. “When you like your job, and want to do well, but don’t get promoted or a pay rise, that cocktail leads to high cortisol.”

Employers are reminded to ensure that employees are acknowledged for their hard work and have opportunities to progress their career.

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