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Safety Law News


Safety Law News

There will be some big safety law changes in Australia this year. Some of these include:

Queensland's new Industrial Manslaughter charge

New WHS Act and Regulations introduce the Industrial Manslaughter charge which will ease prosecutions of directors and others for fatal incidents. The new penalties, with maximum $10 million fines and 20-year jail terms, are the highest under safety legislation in Australia. Most of the charges come into effect on 1st July 2018.


Review of national model WHS laws

Safe Work Australia will review the national model Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws. The new Industrial Manslaughter offence, introduced by the Queensland Government last year, is expected to be adopted nationally. 


New, stronger, chain-of-responsibility (COR) laws

Transport and logistics industries in Australia (excluding NT & WA) will have increased requirements from mid-2018. Reforms align truck safety laws with the model WHS Act and the Rail Safety National Law by imposing duties on all parties that influence or control on-road behaviour.


General Duty for Environment

The new Victorian Environment Protection Bill 2017 introduces a general duty (like the OHS general duty) for employers to reduce harm from pollution and waste.



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