Automation is Here – Get used to it


Automation is Here – Get used to it


A few years ago we were amazed to see automated vehicles moving slowly around warehouses and factories picking up and delivery material. Now entire warehouses and factories are being run by automated process equipment and robots.
Many businesses are introducing collaborative robots (cobots) which work in close proximity with staff.
Supermarket giant Coles has announced they plan to invest $950m to build two automated distribution centres. This follows a similar move by rival Woolworths to build the largest technologically advanced distribution centre in Dandenong, east of Melbourne.
Get used to seeing cobots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and combinations of these operating near you in the near future. All safety specialists and operation managers need to understand this new technology.
The company stated, “this will provide a safer working environment”. This is presumably largely due to the fact that no one will be in the warehouse, only robots and AGVs.

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