Workplace Health & Safety

Although Workplace Health and Safety is a broad (and constantly expanding!) field there are a few key categories that many companies strive hard to improve in. In order to demonstrate due diligence and legal compliance your business may need to address gaps in one of these key categories:

There may also be hazards in your workplace that fall into other categories, or which are difficult to classify. Safety Action can assist you in identifying and addressing all workplace hazards from production line machinery to bullying and harrassment.

Zero Access

Zero Access is the principle of ensuring that no person can harm themselves either accidentally or intentionally by coming into contact with dangerous machinery parts. Safety Action have conducted machine guarding audits and Zero Access workshops nationally and internationally with clients such as GlaxoSmithKline and Nestle. We can help you to identify your machine guarding hazards, and teach your staff to identify and control them ongoing.

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Falls from Heights

Falls From Heights cause a large number of workplace incidents and injuries every year, and with the change in WHS legislation and the removal of the "2 metre rule" (pending in some states) it is more important than ever to be diligent in ensuring that falls from heights risks are appropriately controlled in the workplace.