Zara McMahon

| January 04 2020

Chinese Made CE Mark

Last year we pointed out possible confusion with two very similar “CE” marks.


The CE symbol with the “E” in different positions

For many decades the letters "CE" have been widely known as the abbreviation of the French phrase "Conformité Européene," which translates to "European Conformity".

In recent times China has started using an almost identical “CE” symbol, which they say means China Export. The only difference from the European mark is the two letters are closer together on the China mark.


In essence, the China mark merely means manufactured in China, and does not offer any warranty of quality, reliability or safety, as there is no registration, testing or auditing required to use the China “CE” mark.

We can understand why some people continue to be confused when they see the “CE” mark in isolation as it is difficult to recognise whether it is the European certification mark, or the China made mark.

We recommend you brief relevant procurement, commissioning and maintenance staff in the different product marks and importance of not relying solely on the “CE” mark in isolation.

Always refer to the supporting documentation that should accompany all new products and equipment