Gary Rowe

| July 05 2019

Do We Need a Warning Beeper on our Crane?

Warning Beepers are Now Common

These days we often hear reversing trucks and see mobile plant with warning beepers and flashing lights to alert pedestrians that they are operating.

warning beeper   load proximity
Warning light and audible beeper unit   Crane load proximity lights

Warning Device Requirements

A reader has asked what the requirements for warning devices on cranes are.

work team crane
Work team using an overhead crane

Legislative Requirements

Under the workplace safety laws in each Australian jurisdiction cranes are defined as plant and therefore covered by the plant safety regulations.

For example, WHS Reg 212 and Vic OHS Reg 103 essentially state “Warning Devices - If plant includes an emergency warning device it must be positioned for best effect.”

This regulation does not mandate warning devices on cranes, such as flashing lights or audible beepers, but does require they be positioned to work effectively when originally fitted to the crane.

However, all crane operators should check if there are any other requirements, such as manufacturer’s specifications or risk assessment for particular circumstances.

Manufacturer’s Requirements

Check the manufacturer’s operating instructions and equipment specifications, usually found in the User Manual or Maintenance Manual, to see if any warning devices are specified. If so, you should ensure the specified device(s) are maintained and operable whenever the crane is in use.


owner manual   instructions
Manufacturer's manuals   Excerpt of manufacturer's operating instructions

Risk Assessment

If no warning device is prescribed by regulation nor listed in the manufacturer’s instructions and you are still unsure about the level of safety for people in vicinity of the crane, then conduct a risk assessment to determine if a warning device, or other precautions are required.


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